Will Gaddis Concept Proposal

I want to combine my passion of photography with an exploration of portraits and light painting. I hope to develop a photography series focused on minimalism portraits. The subject will be in an entirely black space with the only source of light being some sort of LED strip/light wand. Photos will be taken with a very shallow depth of field so only parts of the subject is in focus, and the shutter speed will be a couple of seconds to allow very brief light painting to create the light source and narrative of the portrait.

I will take photos with very low aperture to attempt colored bokeh effects for the background, and edits with photoshop can experiment more with supernatural effects and highlights that lend to the experimental aspects of my series. Hopefully, the final product of my series will be an evocative, minimalistic, color-based portrait series with small light painting aspects that highlight different features or highlights of the photo.

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