Tom Vagnini – Introduction

Art and engineering are both really important to me. Many people view them as opposites, but combining the two together can create amazing things. Technical art is extremely creative and interesting. And a purely functional design for anything is a waste, and art needs to be applied to create elegant solutions and products .

I attended Maine Arts Camp for a number of years as a teenager, which helped me learn interesting art forms, like pottery making and stained glass. I also studied at a technical high school, and now study robotics at WPI, so I have a number of technical skills too. I’ve been able to learn CAD and manufacturing tools like 3d printing and laser-cutting. At WPI I was also able to learn more art techniques through drawing, digital design, and animation classes.

My projects are inspired from a number of sources. I generally like to work on 3 dimensional sculptures. I think math and geometry can really contribute to an art piece, using different shapes with hard edges, or more complicated things like a golden or Fibonacci spiral. Others works are more inspired by nature, utilizing curved pieces and giving the art a more fluid feel.

Stained Glass Icosahedron
Gothic Cathedral 3D Print
My Robot Designed for RBE2001 Utilizing a Unique Cam System
Alien World Render

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