Light Artist – Jen Lewin

Jen Lewin has created a number of permanent and temporary exhibits all over the world to allow more people to experience Light Art. Her work is almost always connected with nature. Many of her works are displayed in public places, and enhance nature with interactive sound and light.

She uses a number of different tools to create her art. Almost all of her works use multicolored LED lights. The LEDs are commonly controlled by sensors, such as pressure sensors, distance sensors, a camera, or a capacitive touch sensor. Many of her works also integrate motor control or sound into them as well.

Most of all, Jen Lewis hopes to use her art to provide a unique experience that everyone can enjoy, and that will connect people together.

Butterfly, one of her earlier works uses motors to control these fabric wings as you move around it.
Moths uses this orb to control the wings of the moth.
The Magical Harp is one of her many permanent laser harp exhibits that allows people of all abilities to experience the art.
The Pool is her most popular piece, it is a mobile exhibit with interactive floor panels that has been exhibited in over 50 cities around the globe. The panels respond to being stepped on and communicate with each other to create different patterns depending on selected program.
Aqueous is a modular set of interactive panels similar to The Pool. It can be arranged in different patterns and is inspired by evolution.

All images and video can be found on her personal portfolio

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