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This week I was able to get out and finally start taking some photos. I was doubting if I would be able to achieve my desired results. I went out right before sunset to get the camera set up and focused. As it began to become darker, I started taking photos. I set the camera to a 10 second exposure and planned to play with aperture and ISO when needed. In the First few photos I took, I noticed it was still a bit bright out to really see the LED lights. So, I waited a bit and took a bunch more photos. Below is the progression of photos I took, starting from when it was too bright out and when it started to get darker. I even played a bit with the color and pattern of the lights. One of my concerns last week was that the LED lights are spread too far apart and since they are individual red green and blue lights it would look choppy, especially since the colors look separated to the naked eye. But, from a distance they look perfect. I am satisfied with my results and I cannot wait to get many more pictures.

When the sky was a little bit too bright. Though the faint green color does look really cool.
Starting to get a little bit darker, I think the green looks pretty similar to the Northern Lights.
This is blue mixed with green. It looks cool but I think the plain green looks more similar to the Northern Lights
I tried a fading rainbow effect and it turn out really neat looking
At the end I tried red just to see how it looks and it looks cool, but it doesn’t look like Northern Lights as much

I already have many more photos. I plan on editing a few to see if meshing together a set of photos would allow me to fill the sky more consistently, but I do not want to give away everything before the final presentation. So, this is a sneak peak.

Thanks for reading!

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