Peter Erskine — A light artist

In 1989 Peter Ersikine created a new Solar Spectrum Environmental Art medium called Secrets of the Sun: Millennial Meditations (S.O.S.). S.O.S. is about the beauty and dangers of Sunlight: the beauty of the rainbow and the horrors of global warming, ozone depletion and mass species extinction. Like the beauty of the rainbow, this new art medium has universal appeal. In addition to permanent installations in different countries, His Solar Rainbow Paintings can be seen in hospitals, railways, libraries, ancient Roman sites, museums, police and fire stations, commercial buildings, environmental centers – and homes, in Europe and North America. 

Rainbow sundial calendar

Using a skylight, custom prisms, and hundreds of site-specific astronomical calculations, Peter Erskine’s unique “Rainbow Sundial Calendar,” transforms ordinary Sunlight and the rotation of the Earth into a radiant, architecturally scaled map of the solar year – inside a building

The secrets of the Sun
Sun Painting, 2009

This one is called sun painting is built in California’s Library. A skylight shaft lined with custom prisms and mirrors transforms ordinary Sunlight into radiant solar spectrum beams – bathing library spaces, staff, and patrons in the breathtaking beauty of living rainbow light. The astronomical orientation of the prisms continually mixes the six basic spectrum colors into millions of new shapes and hues. 

There is a video about his representative art work:

Peter Erskine’s personal website, which you are able to find more information about his solar spectrum environmental art medium:

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