5 comments on “MaKey MaKey Soccer Field – Alex Silk

  1. Really cool concept! My one comment would just be that your transition between your 3 separate animations felt very discontinuous. The default animation of the player juggling is really good, and the music fits well. It just feels very abrupt when switching to a different scene. I think this would actually be fine if you just kept the music playing while the scene switched. So even though the scenery was changing drastically, the music would keep it feeling continuous. (Love the music choice!)

  2. Hey I like how you actually drew the soccer field on the paper!
    I agree to what mcoryea14 says about the transitions. What I thought will work better is maybe instead of a juggling animations have the player do a dribbling animation so it seems more like he is playing the soccer game. Also, since the background of the other two animations are completely white, it may flow better if the juggling animation also had the same white background. Good job getting the frames out of the video though!

  3. I really liked the Idle state for your animation. The separate animations felt too abrupt. Did you consider putting in a green background like you have in the start animation? I believe that would have made it more continuous.

  4. I really like the way you drew over the movement of videos. It works really well for what you’re trying to do. Even with minimal detail, the movement is very fluid and readable.

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