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Hey guys,

So for the remix, I decided to create a piece around the Heyyeayea song/meme with Heman singing the song. The meme has been around for a while and I felt a lot of people would have seen it. The basic concept of my remix is to have the use control the speed of playback and the audio pitch of the meme with hand control. For the control, I split the screen up into quadrent blox which detect motion in their own areas to see if the user’s hand is there, and the remix is changed accordingly. I also used this method to add a video when the user reaches up. With this video, I also created a lock so the the video can only be played once in a certain amount of time. I had a lot of fun creating this assignment.

Hey everyone,

I decided to write about the artwork created by Deborah Aschheim, the woman who came in to class the other day. I just want to start off by saying that I thought her ideas were incredible, and I envied how she was able to look at such an abstract idea and visualize it in a potentially even more abstract way. Her work in Fuller, for example, doesn’t look like anything much without any context. It looks like a bunch of lights strung up with screens in random spots, but looking at it now with more insight, the beauty of the piece stands out. The look of neurons and nodes is a cool aspect of her art and is shown in everything she does.

The building collective memory of Nixon project was also very nifty because it was an expanding project which started from a few drawn pictures. The idea of a piece growing with more community input is another very awesome trait which Deborah uses in her work.

In all, I really liked her work and am excited to see some other pieces of art she has created.


So for my interactive drawing, I chose to create a season changing animation following a leaf through each scene. I was going for a very zen/peaceful experience from the viewer. I believe I succeeded in making this effect. The animation itself was fairly easy to create. I hand drew the leaf in flash then exported it as a png sequence. This came out of the process with the wrong format and numbering sequence, so I brought it into photoshop where I rendered the video with the proper settings. I then painted over a forest scene to create one basic background of just trees to keep that a constant in the animation. I made 3 layers of it and painted each season. I imported those pictures into flash again and made them move with tween frames and did the same process I did for the leaf to create the image sequence.  I struggled with the pd patch a little to get it to do what I wanted. The logic was in place some times but didn’t do what the code said which was weird. This is the end patch:










Hey guys,

So for my first two assignments with animating in pd, I made an abstract cow and coffee. The first assignment was a challenge because I had to make the cow out of primitive shapes and position them in their own gemheads so I could move them independently. I had to figure out how gemheads work.

The second assignment went fairly well. I made all the assets in photoshop and laid them all out on on gemhead. I had difficulty similar to what happened in class, but I was able to figure it all out later on. I am quite proud of what I was able to create.