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Let me first apologize for the poor quality of the video. My demo used 3 sensors, the soft pententiometer, the flex and temperature sensors. In the first video below, i use a flex sensor to control 3 different shapes. It controls attributes like translation, rotation, size and color depending on how much it is flexed. In the second video the soft pententiometer controls how many animations are being played… 1 ,2 or 3. Finally the temp sensor controls the opening of a gem window when it reaches a certain temperature.

For my meme remix I chose The most interesting man in the world. This meme type originated from the commercials for dos xx beer. From there, countless memes have been created in honor of the man, the legend, the coolest bro there is. Plus I love their commercials.

For my PD patch I created 9 separate video players all of which to play a clip of the most interesting man. These video players are controlled by a corresponding button on an xbox controller. Each time a button is pressed the video will restart giving the user the opportunity to remix the videos in any manner they wish. Here is a youtube video of the patch and remix.


Here is my Makey Makey Interactive Drawing. As you will be able to see. My map is of a beach scene. There are 3 components. A lighthouse, pelican, and fishing boat. The latter two when touched invoke an animation relating to what you see on the map. The lighthouse is the default animation that pops up when neither of the other two are playing. I had an idea for this scene before I started the project  but I did sketch out the map before I began making any of the animations. I used a video from Youtube to sketch over and create the animation of the diving bird but I did draw in the scenery myself. I also used Youtube for the light emanating from the lighthouse but drew in the landscape. Hope you enjoy!


Hey guys, my name is Jay and I’m going to talk a bit about my interactive animation. For this project I found a picture of a volcano scene with some wonderful Alpaca’s in the foreground. This Patch consists of three animations, 2 of which are activated by mouse over and the third, a click. The animations include: a meteor falling from the sky, activated by moussing over the alpaca on the right, a series of stars forming over the volcano (paramount), activated to the left of the ice cap, and finally a volcanic eruption, started by clicking on the volcano. I created all of these animations by drawing in Photoshop and then transferring them into PD. Hope you enjoy!