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My steup for the arduino board was very straighforward. All sensors hooked up to the bread board at once with them all using the same ground. I used the soft potentiometer, the thermal sensor, and the flex sensor. Here as you can see when i vary the value of the soft potentiometer the circle becomes larger and smaller. When the flex sensor is applicated the circle changes from yellow to red, with a mix of orange depending on where you are in the middle. Lastly the thermal sensor simply moves the circle right when heat is applied with my hand. Enjoy!

This week I’d like to share my process on how I went about creating my meme remix of good ol’ Walter White and his memorable scenes throughout the Breaking Bad series. My original concept invloved a video series that showed the “transformation” of Walter from season 1 to the series finale. After realizing that anyone who had not seen the show would be furious with my spoiler-ridden project, I chose a more interactive approach. I brainstormed key quotes from the show concernig Walter and put together an interesting collection of snippets that allowed multiple paths to be derived from a primary video-snippet of Walter simply saying “I am”. I used youtube to find mostly all the snippets and edited them all with Camtasia. The short video lengths worked great with the Xbox controller because of the ability to spam the buttons thus creating that “remix feel” as you can see in my demonstration below:

Thankfully the patch was easy to use and I surprisingly found little difficulty in loading my videos into PD (probably due to the fact I edited with Camtasia). Anyway, I had a blast making it and hopefully you all enjoyed my demo in class as well as the lovely video of Walter above.

I’d like to use this blog post to reflect on our guest speaker Deborah Aschheim and the work she presented. First I would like to say that Deborah’s passion and dedication for her work really presented itself well. She gave me a great understanding of what it’s like to immerse yourself completely  in your work and career. I aspire to be that dedicated to my career one day.

Deborah also gave me a complete understanding of the artwork found along the staircase of Fuller. The inspiration used for that art was nothing like anything I  had heard of before. She dissected her memories piece by piece and used every little fragment as a link in a chain, causing each chain to culminate into one general memory. I found it very fascinating that this work of art that I had previously only glanced at a few times represented such an important piece of someones life. I would also like to accommodate Deborah on her efficiency  of materials used to create the entire project. Her use of Bed Bath & Beyond bath pillows and her quoted “alcoholic” ice cubes gave the piece a simplistic feel as well as a very workable budget.

I am very glad to have been able to meet her and learn about her work ethics as well as her morals. She seemed to be able to communicate to students on a level most professors aren’t capable of reaching and she did it very well. Her extensive interest in human memories sparked an interest of my own.

I chose a soccer theme when designing this project including an interactive soccer field connected to the MaKey MaKey, and 3 soccer based animations to attribute. My map has 3 points of interest, one point located on the corner of the field, one located roughly 20 “yards” away from the goal, and one off to the right in the middle of the field. The first two points activate animations based off of where the points are and what would happen in a game at those locations. The third point I simply used as a ground for easier access. I found my audio tracks from the class materials websites and edited everything using camtasia studio. Ba ba americano!

Creating the animations for this project was a tedious process in photoshop, recoloring every frame from scratch. I chose the method of uploading a video into photoshop from youtube and then creating a transparant video layer to sketch over the viedo with, creating my own simple animation. I found it to be much more time consuming than I thought, but worth it in the end. I uploaded clips from FIFA 13 and used those as models when creating my animations. Fun Fact: The person juggling is modeled after Neymar; the freekick was modeled after Ronaldo, and the corner kick was modeled after Rooney.




My name is Alex Silk and I’d like to use my first blog post to show you my interactive media using the gemmouse and simple animation features in Pd Extended. Here I found a pastel looking picture of a desert landscape though Google and incorporated 3 animations to execute when rolling the cursor over 3 specific locations. Using Photoshop I was able to create all 3 of my animations. A solution I found for presenting the final copy correctly was numbering each animations’ gemhead accordingly so the transparent animations were layered on top of the animation with the integrated background. In my case I let the Cactus Animation have the integrated background and the remaining two layered on top with transparency.

The 3 Locations include:

– The Cactus

-The Rockedge (slight right)

-The Sky (slight left)