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For our assignment, we plan on playing off the Sherwin-Williams metaphor “Cover the Earth”.



After seeing this logo on a sign in Shrewsberry, it looked like it could pose as the perfect concept for an interactive art project.

We plan on making a wooden frame that will hold three different dispensers of paint (Red, Blue, and Yellow). A globe will be placed inside the frame. When the user presses a corresponding button on the computer on the computer (or physical button), the Arduino will activate a servo which will push down on a dispenser filled with paint.


We’ll need to figure out how to mount the servo/dispensers together to make them work properly, as well as figure out how to actually hook up a servo to the Arduino. So far, we have the paint, wood to make the frame, and a make-shift globe.

This could turn out to be a really fun interactive piece; we’re pretty excited to build it.

– Dan & Derek

For my meme remix project, I remixed the classic Numa Numa dance. The basic concept of my patch is to make the numa numa guy dance. To do this, you have to dance. To get the dance started, you raise your hands above your head, and start dancing.

The patch detects your hands with pix_data, and detects the movement with pix_movement. See the video below!

Hope you enjoyed!


After doing some brief research on interactive public artworks, I came across two artists; one named Joe O’Connell, and the other named Blessing Hancock. These two work together in a partnership to create art where interactivity plays a huge role. Taken from their website; “Joe is a technologist with an interest in living systems; Blessing is a sculptor with an interest in machines”. 

Together, along with 14 other skilled workers at their Creative Machines Inc. location in Tucson, Arizona, Joe and Blessing have created numerous works of art. Annually, they have raked in roughly $1.1 million from their clients throughout the world.

One work of art that really caught my eye was their piece titled “Heart Beacon”. Standing tall with the dimensions of 9′ x 9′ x 18′, this piece of art is displayed at the Emergency Coordination Center in Portland, Oregon.

“Heart Beacon is an interactive enclosure of light, color and sound that senses and artistically displays the heartbeats of visitors who lay their hands on the piece. This highly interactive sculpture takes the literal and metaphoric ‘pulse’ of the Portland community. The sculpture takes inspiration from the life-saving mission of the Emergency Coordination Center.”

Heart Beacon

The most successful part of this piece is that the concept really engages the viewer into the work. Depending on their pulse, the color of the structure will physically change. This would make the viewer/user feel as though they are having a direct impact on what they are seeing. I am interested in seeing how the structure will react with multiple people touching it at once. At night, this must present a beautiful view.

Something that might add in a big way to this sculpture would be if it would emit sounds that would correlate to the color that is projected. I feel as though this would heavily add to the atmosphere and mood around the work, and the impact on the viewer. This sound would have to only be audible from inside the sculpture, as you would not want to pollute the entire surrounding area with sound.

I wish that there were pieces of interactive work like this around in Massachusetts/ the North East. It would bring life to communities, and possibly inspire others to see what is capable of art with todays technology.

-Dan Driggs




What’s up guys,

For the interactive drawing project, I decided to make a paper phone. When the user presses on one of the penciled-in apps, PD will play an animation that would correlate with the app pressed. Each alligator clip is connected to its own app, each controlling the d-pad on the MaKey MaKey, while the ground is connected to aluminum foil that runs around the entire “phone” to act as a ground when the user holds the drawing.

When designing the look of the phone, I was going for a cross between iOS, Android, and Windows, with a really clean and simple interface. This interface is a concept of a possible lock screen that would allow the user to quickly access their favorite apps without having to unlock their phone, similar to lock screen widgets.

Here’s a quick overview of the patch; each of the encapsulated patches for the apps are similar to each other.

PD Patch


Overall, making this project come to life was pretty fun! I hope you enjoyed it.

– Dan

Hey guys, here is my work for assignments 1 & 2.

Both videos have audio which explain what you are seeing.

Assignment 1, the geometric abstraction, takes place in a party-like setting, where the viewer is the looking through the perspective of the wall.

The interactive animation that I made for assignment 2 takes place in a home-like setting, where the user can interact with the cup of juice sitting on the table, and both windows. These animations are triggered when gemmouse detects that the user’s curser is between the correct coordinates, and that they are clicking the left mouse button.

I hope you enjoyed my works!

– Dan Driggs