4 comments on “Makey Makey Project!

  1. Hey! I know you said in your video that we would (ideally) be able to hear the footsteps of your guy as he was walking, but I really think you should make another video where we get to hear the audio. I think that lets us “experience” the art better as what you were trying to achieve. I also think (since your character is so heroic) there should be an epic background sound loop. I don’t think you had any background music when you presented in class, and I think that would seriously enhance your art piece, and add to the overall “feel” of what you were going for with your character.

  2. Hello! Nice D-pad controller and walking animation!
    What would be better I think is that if there is a background image corresponding to the direction the player is walking. For example, when the character is walking upwards/downwards, he might be walking through a hallway of some castle. When the character is walking left/right, he might be walking up or down a set of stairs (which might lead to the dungeon or something). But still, good job!

  3. I really like the walking animation; it seems believable, especially for what kind of a personality you were giving the warrior.

    I agree with Stefan Alexander, and think a background image would really benefit your animation.

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