Everything Working- Yllara Maia

These past two weeks, I have really been working to fix all the main aspects that needed work on my project. Unfortunately, I hit a lot of obstacles. First, the measurements for my lamp parts were not entirely precise, so I had to re-cut a few of the parts…multiple times. The store in which I usually got my materials ran out of the specific wooden board that I needed, so I had to wait until the weekend to drive to Boston and buy more. When I finally acquired more material, the laser cutter in Foisie broke. I then had to take an hour long quiz in order to qualify to use the laser cutter in Washburn Shops. Needless to say, it was a long process for me.

Despite all the obstacles, however, I was able to make substantial progress on my project. For the wall decoration, I have laser cut the design onto the final piece. To add more texture to it, I decided to glue the cut out flower pieces onto the board and I really enjoyed the final product. I have also attached the LED lighting strip onto the inside of the board, and I am happy to say that it works just how I expected it to. Now, all there is left to do is cover up the back of the board with a hard white-colored paper and hide all of the electrical components. Below are attached images of my progress and what the project currently looks like.

As for the lamp, this portion of my project has given me a hard time. While experimenting with shadows, I have discovered that my small iPhone camera flash provides a better shadow than all of the extremely efficient and bright bulbs that I have purchased in the last few weeks. Although all of the parts have been cut and some even assembled, I still have to decide if I also want to cast a shadow on the ceiling, or if I just want to keep it on the four sides of the cube-shaped form of my lamp. Once that has been decided, it will be an easy fix. In terms of the shadow, I will take a trip to Home Depot and purchase a small flashlight bulb. For the next couple of days, my main focus will be on the assembly of the lamp, along with some small finishes and touch-ups.

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