Jacob Kaplan: ‘Shattered Light’ Final Documentation

– A still from the series –

The result of my “Shattered Light” series is a collection of around 45 ‘animated photos’, edited with Photoshop and self-written software. I have rendered them as both GIFs and MP4s. The collection of social-media friendly 4k MP4s can be found at the following google drive folder:


A more easily viewable collection of 4k GIFs is available at the following google photos album:


I also printed some of the animations on paper, and animated them with lenticular sheet lenses. These lenses show a different image based on the viewing angle, so it’s possible to have up to 8 images printed in the same frame. Here is an example of these results, however it should be noted that the effect is greatly diminished when it is recorded on a camera vs seen in person, as it is meant to be viewed stereoscopically.

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