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The past two weeks I had two photo shoots, with variable levels of success. The first shoot, my friend and I went back to Lincoln Woods in Rhode Island and tried to get in as many pictures as possible before getting kicked out. There were quite a few people there so we definitely got a lot of comments, but it was still really fun. For this first batch of pictures, I wrapped battery powered LED strips around his arms and had him put the battery pack in his pocket. We put hair ties around his forearms to keep them in place.

Here were some of the pictures using the LED strips:

I love how the light illuminates the rock in this one

I also brought some glow sticks with me, so I made my friend take his shirt off and let me dump the glow stick stuff all over his back. Turns out that stuff SMELLS and fades pretty quickly, but we got some good pictures. (These are all unedited, I will get around to editing them after submitting my MQP paper Thursday)

He also had a head lamp on in these pictures so we wouldn’t have any climbing accidents.

I also dragged another friend to Wachussett, in hopes of getting some final pictures on the slush that was left. I had him bring his snolerblades (the really short skis) instead of his actual skis so they wouldn’t get wrecked. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of what the snolerblades looked like with the LED’s on them.

First, we tried to get some pictures in the snow. I wasn’t super happy with how these turned out. The tripod would shake every time he came near it, so a lot of the pictures are blurry.

But there was a little stream of water right next to the trail, so I convinced my friend to walk through the water with his skis on to see what happened. I was much happier with these pictures.

I didn’t get as many pictures in this location as I would have liked, partly because my camera’s viewfinder kept fogging up (since I was standing a stream in the dark) and partly because my friend got wet and cranky pretty quickly.

Takeaways so far: I have really great friends, and whatever plan I usually have going into a photo shoot usually gets scrapped pretty quickly, and that’s okay.

Is this how a tripod works?

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