Introduction & Portfolio – Noah Hillman


I am Noah Hillman, a senior here at WPI doing a double major with Robotics and Mechanical Engineering. Although I do not have an extensive artistic background, I have taken basic drawing/painting classes growing up and enjoyed them greatly. For this reason, I choose do to my humanities in art, where I have taken Digital Imaging and Computer Art, 3D modeling I, and Interactive Electronic Art. Classes like 3D Modelling I required a great deal of time as a beginner to create models that looked presentable, but I found it very relaxing to spend countless hours doing something I enjoyed. These classes also peaked my interest in programs such as Photoshop and ZBrush, which I have since used for personal projects. As part of my engineering side, I also spend much of my time using CAD programs such as SolidWorks to design parts and mechanisms for various school related or personal projects. Being able to go from ideas in my head to 3D models very quickly using CAD is very useful for rapid prototyping in order to complete projects with tight time constraints.

In addition to using CAD, I also have additional engineering experience with programming and basic electrical engineering. As part of the robotics curriculum, I have programming experience using C++, Python, and Java. As for technical skills I can solder, use mills/lathes, CNCs, 3D printers, and other machines for making ideas come to life.

My design inspirations come from extracting designs from various sources and combining them to form a new design that accomplishes the task in the best way. My goals are to be able to have a reason for every design choice, not just a combination of random elements.

Below are a few projects I have done while at WPI, including some CAD renders, a model of Elizabeth from Bioshock for 3D modelling I, and some images made in Photoshop.

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