Introduction and Art Portfolio – Alyssa Konsko

Hi everyone, I’m Alyssa and I’m a senior studying Architectural Engineering and Fire Protection Engineering. My experience with making art started as most peoples do, with drawing and painting. I’ve enjoyed quite a few art classes in High School and at WPI, some pictures from which are below.

I’ve slowly expanded my art-making mediums since playing with crayons as a kid, and have dabbled in photography (digital and film), pottery, wood-working, mosaics, model-building and knitting. Also in the realm of the arts, I played piano for many years and even competed in some local competitions back home, but it has become another activity that has fallen to the wayside due to the WPI work load.

Unfortunately, my programming experience is fairly limited, but I have written input files for some pretty cool looking fire models (which kind of look like art if your fire is big enough). I do have experience with photoshop and live and breathe AutoCAD and REVIT. Most of the creative projects I embark on now are designing and creating building models for the Architectural Design studios in my major.

Compartment Fire Models

Architectural Design Board

My creative inspirations largely come from architecture and nature. I am a huge architecture nerd (I think I almost died when I saw Antoni Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona) and I love to bore my friends with fun architecture facts when walking around a new city. Additionally, the hobbies I enjoy more often than not bring me outside into the mountains, so I am constantly inspired by the landscape around us.

As for future goals, since I am going into the field of Architectural Engineering, I hope to be able to use my engineering mindset and appreciation of architectural form to develop creative solutions to the field of building technology.

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