Introduction & Art Portfolio – Jonathan Luna

Alien Concept, digital

My name is Jonathan Luna, I am a senior and will graduate with a degree in robotics engineering. In addition to being a student, I spend my summers as a precision machinist making small tolerance parts for the aerospace industry. I have taken 3D modeling I and II, as well as 3D animation.

Beam Katana from No More Heroes, ABS plastic

My real passion and inspiration comes from science fiction, movies, video games, and comic books. In addition to assignments for other art classes, I like to make costumes and replica props, as well as working with small crafts projects. My projects have ranged from batarang throwing knives to a replica beam katana to full costumes.

Batarang Throwing Knife, Hardened steel
Deathstroke (aka Slade Wilson) costume from DC Comics, multi medium

My favorite forms of art to make are those that allow me to work with new materials and experience new techniques, like sewing, soldering, using resin, spray painting, and wiring small LEDs. I use my background in machining to create small objects that would normally be made out of mediums other than metal.

I also have a passion for ballroom dancing and have choreographed dances as well as competed. My favorite dances are swing and Viennese waltz, but I have an appreciation for all dance styles.

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