Diet Wiegman – Light Artist

Diet Wiegman is a multidisciplinary visual artist from the Netherlands. His artistic influences date back to his father and grandfather, who were also artists, which led him to attend the Rotterdam Academy of Art. Since graduating in 1965, Wiegman created works in multiple disciplines including ceramics and painting, however he is mainly known for his breakthrough in Shadow Art. Wiegman took Shadow Art to an entirely different level by creating sculptures out of waste and illuminating them against the wall to create a highly intricate shadow. He later integrated glass and mirror reflections into his sculptures to elevate their shadow effect. His work is mainly focused on taking abstract sculptures and utilizing light to produce a detailed shadow image.

Composed of various kitchen utensils and other random objects, this completely abstract sculpture is illuminated to mimic Michelangelo’s David.

Composed entirely of coins and melted metal, and covered with a gold finish.

Here, Wiegman takes a wilted plant and rearranges its branches and leaves so its shadow forms a portrait up against the wall.

Sculpted in 2008, this is one of Wiegman’s most famous creations. It is composed of scrap coated in silver that, when illuminated at the right angle, exposes a shadow of Michael Jackson.

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