Alyssa Konsko: Concept Proposal

When thinking about concept proposals for this class, I started by asking myself two questions: 1. What am I passionate about, 2. How can I combine my passions with this project in a unique way?

Concept 1: Combing my love of music with long exposure light photography. Essentially, attaching light sources to musicians and their instruments to show movement and music in a new way. Maybe putting EL wire on a violinist’s bow, or pianist’s fingers. Maybe trying to show the movement and vibrations of the instruments themselves.

Materials: Digital Camera, musicians and their instruments, EL wire, fiber optic lights

For both concepts, I made a list of pros and cons, since this usually (always) helps my analytical brain make decisions.

Pros: Could be a cool way to artistically show movement and music. This would also allow me to get back in touch with my musical side.

Cons: This type of art has been done many times, and the final project would be a static exhibit.

Concept 2: Feed my love of the outdoors by essentially putting lights on my friends, having them do the outdoor activities that we love to do, and film them in action. (A la “Afterglow” style, see the video below)

Materials: Digital camera, go pro, LED strips, EL wire, glow in the dark spray paint, glow in the dark chalk, my friends

Pros: This has not been done for this studio before (to my knowledge). It would be a pretty great last hurrah filming with my friends before graduation.

Cons: The final product would be a video premiere in class. I would need to find and learn new video editing software (I recently switched from Mac to a PC). And would need to determine if this would be an acceptable final product for this studio.

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