Sydney Fisher: Concept Proposal

Two ideas have come to mind over the last couple of weeks. One is I could explore the acrylic fluid painting process a little more and use black light paintings to create my “dirty pours”. Acrylic fluid painting, and any painting I do, helps to keep me grounded. Although this technique is a little more expensive than doing a regular painting, it is a really a whole different experience, and I would love to explore it further.

Black Light “Dirty Pour”

“Dirty Pour” Shopping List:

Silicone Oil


Black light acrylic paints

Black Light

Lots of cups

This would be fun and something I would do outside of class anyways. However, since I could do this on my own time, I thought I should come up with a different idea as well.

For my second idea, I wanted to focus on something else that makes me happy too: fencing. I love to fence, and even though I just started my freshman year of college, it’s something that I would love to continue after graduation.

I also love to take photographs as a side hobby. I hope to combine these two passions and take composite photographs of some of my friends while fencing with LEDs on the blades, like the photograph below.

Fencing Lights Shopping List:



Camera (which I already have)

Magnet Wire

I ended up buying all of required materials for this project already, but I haven’t had time to start taking photos of my friends while fencing.

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