Light in Design- Concept Proposal

My main goal is to utilize my love for architecture and design and incorporate light/ shadow art to construct something that will enhance the aesthetics of a space.  

Concept One – Light Fixture

Lighting is a very important aspect of interior design. It emphasizes the parts of a room that one wishes to enhance, which is often done through light fixtures.
With this concept, I wish to craft a unique design into some material (most likely wood) in order to create a light fixture that when illuminated, will cast a shadow onto the space. The fixture may be a floor lamp, a table lamp, or a hanging light fixture. Or create an abstract form that will accomplish the same aesthetic.

Concept Two – Illuminated Wall Art

This concept would involve slightly more artistic ability. Basically, What I had in mind was to model a drawing or design to cut out of some opaque material. I would then illuminate the inside of the “canvas,” which would better showcase the design. This would most likely be in the form and size of a typical wall painting.  

Concept Three – Lit-up Counter-tops

For this idea, I wish to experiment with different kinds of counter-top materials and several light sources. I would like to see if I can develop a combination of stone and light that would look aesthetically pleasing when installed in a kitchen or bathroom.

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