Introduction: William Schwartz

My name is William Schwartz. I am a Senior and WPI pursuing a double major in computer science and electrical computer engineering. I have had an interest in art from a very young age. Both of my parents are graphic designers, so growing up my sisters and I were always sprawled out on the floor with giant rolls of paper, glue, and scissors, tin foil, and whatever other crafting supplies we could find around the house. I enjoyed all the art making, so in elementary school, middle school, and high school, I always took art classes. In high school I started to become more interested with computers and technology, but my interests in art and technology where never really combined until I took, Interactive Electronic Arts. I would like to pursue further the use of technology to create art, and I think that Light is the perfect medium to use technology to create. 

In high school I got interested in electronics, when my school got a 3d printer, I spent time getting good at using it, and then one day I can in and somehow the board was fried. So I took the board to my physics professor to see if he could help me in fixing it. To no avail, we bought a new Open-source board, and reprogramed the board to work with the proprietary components, and the machine worked, after then I joined a community called enable, where they were 3d printing mechanical hands for children born without them. I made a web app that generated custom press-fit acrylic boxes. So the kids would be delivered these mechanical hands in custom boxes with their names, and whatever other information they wanted on them. That was my big first introduction to programming, and electronics, and from there I just continued doing projects in a similar vein.

I like to draw inspiration from all different sources, I really enjoy ing to museums, and just walking around in nature. Im not sure which direction I plan on taking this light art project quite yet, but I indent to look at some pictures I have saved of natural and man-made art to draw some inspiration. 

Here are some art pieces that I have done:


this piece is a negative space self portrait, made with a 3d-printer


Don’t Poke the Bear – Movie

this is piece I did with Ben Hylák


Hands – modeled in blender and 3d printed


quick sketch I did of a friend over the summer


a hollow sphere I made out of clay


a vase I made in clay

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