Maquette: Karin Plante

Although the two ideas I presented last week are still viable options, I’ve come up with a third that might work better for my schedule and that I feel involves more artistic expression. It is for this idea that I’m presenting my maquette.

This idea involves creating a “stained glass” mosaic out of dichroic glass (ex below). In theory, this would create a few different viewing experiences depending on which side the light is coming from and where the viewer is standing. If placed in a window, for example, a viewer on the outside would see the glass reflecting the light and would see one set of colors that compose the image. In the inside of the room, however, a viewer would see the transmitted light, meaning the image would be composed of different colors. Both of these color sets would change as the angle of the light changed with respect to the glass and viewer. A third parallel could also be seen if a surface¬†on the side the dominant light is coming from catches the reflections off of the glass.

Below is a quick proof-of-concept video showing how light can be reflected and produce projected shapes. Dichroic glass was placed down on a white piece of paper and a light was pointed at it. Notice how the colors of the actual glass and the colored reflections are different. Although even this effect is cool as is, imagine that the glass is hung so light can also be transmitted. This provides more viewing experiences, as described above.



  • Already have:
    • Dichroic glass
  • Needed:
    • UV glue/epoxy (for connecting pieces of glass
    • Metal wire (for framing)
  • Tools:
    • Diamond saw (for cutting) –> I have access to one at the New Street Glass Studio, Worcester MA.
    • UV light –> New Street Glass Studio



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