Maquette: Franck Coly

After taking longer than I wanted and largely debating on whether I even wanted to do the two projects i originally had, i finally went with the “Tron” inspired jacket. I have a bit of background in ECE and a tiny bit of background in CS. I am hoping that with this project, it’ll allow me to truly get to explore both on a slightly deeper level.

Because I was so indecisive, I  haven’t been able to collect as many parts as I’d like and mainly stuck to research and trying to physically figure out  how I’d want to run the wires and lines throughout the jacket. Using an Arduino as the main source of control, I plan on using a series of NeoPixel strips and attach them to the sleeves of the jacket. NeoPixels will be better since they are less of a hassle to connect all together.

Using the EL Wire should be a much easier process as id liek to use their EL Wire Starter Pack that comes ready to use

Currently, my biggest hurdles are how to get the light being emitted to disperse without attaching a solid piece on the sleeves

Parts List

  1. Arduino
  2. NeoPixel Strips (Size TBD)
  3. Power Sources
  4. EL Wire Starter Pack


  1. Needle and Thread

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