Recalibration & Iteration: Brent Reissman

This last week, I attempted to implement the techniques previously documented to create an intentional piece of artwork.
The four variables i worked with, and had to deal with difficulties with, are polarization direction, tape direction, tape layering and thickness. The polarization filters change the light which passes through drastically, and i found flipping either filter can change which direction the “positive” angle is defined.

Changing the tape direction changed what color was viewed when depolarized, but this was also contingent on the polarizing angle, and so for one tape configuration, I also needed to define optimal alignment angles. The tape direction was very trial and error, and it took several tries to get colors which resembled the rainbow.


Cutting the tape layers scratched the acrylic blocks, so I’m likely going to need to make a block for every version of each artwork, since the previous will be visible from the scratches. Also, using the regular scotch tape to affix the filter and block off sections i dont want to tape worked well except it is slightly visible (which may be a good thing, if used properly).

There wasn’t one singular failure which I had to overcome, but a few, smaller obstacles. The common theme between the obstacles is the size of the piece, which is leading me to consider doing a larger piece. The only problem with that, is the cost since large polarizing filters can be expensive.



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