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Remix Documentation- Neo’s Choice

For the remix assignment I chose to work with source material from the Matrix. I felt the choice Morpheus poses to Neo  of choosing the red or blue pills was a pretty iconic moment.

After randomly hearing a remix of those words put to a song, I felt that it would be a pretty fun piece to remix the remix of Neo’s choice.

The observer may choose a pill, using the arrow keys. Upon selecting a pill, the sound of “take teh red pill” or “take the blue pill” plays, along with an animation of the corresponding glowing pill.
Origionally, I had set out to use computer vision to track the choice of the observer, but I ran into too many obstacles, and in the interest of time opted to use the keyboard as an input device.

Sequence 02

Final Project Concept and Documentation




~ Written Statement
This idea of a miniature gallery had been floating around my head since the beginning of the course. The idea behind it is of creating an an art gallery that is in itself a piece of art. There is no metaphor, except perhaps that the gallery is not truly a gallery, but a representation of a gallery.

I wanted the interactivity to come into play with the computer showing how the character in the scene interprets each art piece. The “player character” goes through the gallery experiencing the art as a young girl,  more so than as themselves, especially as the frames are so small their images may not even be clearly conveyed. The girl “looks” at the art pieces by standing in front of them. Her reaction to the piece is then showed on the screen in the form of a quick animation.  Though in the sculpture, the picture inspires the sight and sounds for the girl as she “looks”, in reality, the song chosen inspired the picture which in turn inspired the animation that would play.

There was not too much research needed for this piece. I needed to acquire all of sound clips, “paintings” and then animations that corresponded to the paintings.

~Technical Info
For this to work, I will need to know how to play different movies on one screen. Ideally it would be nice to have videos stop when the girl moved away from “looking” at a painting, but I know that would require extra code, rather than just having a video trigger when token comes in contact with the conductor pedestal.