Project 1: Interactive Drawing

 My interactive drawing consists of a character in a cave painting surrounded by intricate designs. By touching the black designs, most notably the larger black sections, the user triggers animations to play of the designs growing.

Inspiration for the art and animation comes from a short segment of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003) animated series, linked below.

I’ve loved this miniseries since it aired, so it was fun to work with this particular  style.

The designs and animations were done in Photoshop to mimic the style


Max patch layout

8 thoughts on “Project 1: Interactive Drawing”

  1. This as well as your source material totally reminded me of this scene from the Prince of Egypt.

    I remember always loving this scene for its creative way of using space, as well as playing with restrictions of being confined to wall space.

  2. Curiously – what was the background pattern you used? Did you draw it or took an existing image? It looks like a bronze/brushed metal pattern with a color overlay? Reminds me of the inside of some metal containers – just the bronze metal pattern/color.

  3. Other than the Photoshop drawing which was really awesome, I liked the hand drawn aspect too. It’s important to retain those skills even when everything is shifting to a more digital paradigm/approach – great sketch!

  4. I think it was great that you managed to work the image to look the same in both the program and on paper, while still keeping those subtle gaps to keep the triggers working separately without making them obvious. I was actually curious how they functioned individually until I was able to look at it more closely.

  5. The art work is awesome.
    The background story is awesome.
    My suggestion is you can try make those two character look more lively by making their eyes winking.

  6. Amazing

    Easily the most complete assignment I have seen so far. Great artwork, related to your inspiration and quite well executed. The fact that you made a drawing touchable is quite outstanding.

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