The Avengers

Well, as stated in class, I am a big fan of Marvel’s “The Avengers”. As a result, I thought that incorporating them into my interactive project would be a pretty cool thing to do. Because of this, the project idea was born.

It all started back in class when I began drawing the icons for each of the 6 Avengers (only looking at the main ones for now). Each of these are very basic – using only the built in tools in Photoshop – rarely going outside the shape tool. To finalize them, I gave them depth, some pattern overlays and shadows/lights. Here are all 6 icons that I used for the cube:

Captain AmericaHawkeyeThorIron ManHulkBlack Widow

At first, I wanted to print these out on photographic paper and all from the printing press, however, due to price and the fact that making a cube out of photographic paper is a little bit difficult, I decided to go with good old A4. The template that I have used:

Cube template

After this, the cube was built, resulting in the below-shown Brobdingnagian monstrosity:

Avengers cube

The conducting strings are attached to more or less the center of each of the squares. Each of them is in turn plugged into the Makey Makey board cables and grounded with one wire, hooked up to my watch. General image of project:


Come to class for the presentation – to see the digital part! 😀

5 thoughts on “The Avengers”

  1. I like the idea of making this box. Connecting the electronic art and physical stuff. And “Hulk” as a nuclear weapon.
    This idea can be used for a lot of other things. Like online board game.

  2. While I really like you r idea I thought of a better way to possibly present it without as any wires or tape on the outside. Maybe by pulling the wires all through one corner, and using a push pin or similar, push the wire through just a bit, and tape the inside, so that it still sticks out while keeping from obscuring any given face too much.

  3. Great idea, a little more work and it would be a BLAST

    I really like the setup. Again time constraints play a big role in this class. However, should you come back to it, I would love to see a handtraced path in illustrator/AE instead of the generated vector (that bears contrast issues). Apart from that, I was quite impressed by your project.

  4. I really like the artwork in this piece. I haven’t been exposed to a lot of the super hero themes and yet I was easily able to understand what was happening.

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