Concept Proposal: Franck Coly

Idea 1:

For my first idea, I want to create a Tron inspired jacket. This jacket will have a set of electroluminescent panels on the upper and lower sleeve. These panels will connect and use Bluetooth to connect to a controlling device (cell phone). A rechargeable power source will be used to power these panels. For the collar of the jacket, electroluminescent wire will be used to outline the collar around the neck of the person wearing the jacket.  These wires will not change color.

Alternative (if time and skill allows): Instead of electroluminescent panels, LED Display could be used in place to give even more customizability like display of words or messages.

Idea 2:

As a second idea, I intend to create a facemask with an LED display installed on the front of it. Using the LED display, the user could cycle through a set of animations or modes that could be programmed into the display.

Alternative: Instead of an LED Display, a set of LED strips (could be neopixels) could lien the interior of the mask and installed behind a semi opaque panel that disperses the light for a more smooth looking effect.

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