Introduction: Brent Reissman

I’m Brent Reissman, a Senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, with a concentration in Acoustics. With a mechanical focus, engineers eye, and an inclination towards hands-on creation, my background with art extends through every medium I’ve had access too.  My biggest creative inspiration is technical drawings and the works of Leonardo DaVinci, which merge aesthetic and beautiful design with technical and precise schematics. This influences my approach to most media, especially drawing, since my first instinct is to view subjects as mechanical models.

The First medium I worked with is Paper, and different things to draw with (graphite, ink, charcoal, pastel)
The below beginning to a sketch of my friend is a good example of how my mechanical approach influences my drawings. Here i began with eye sockets, jawbones, joints of the body, etc., like one would with a schematic. Every subject is just a complex system I can detail, If my goal is photo-realism.

Paper and Ink

My interest in sketching grew since I was young, and honed recently in Figure Drawing. My Graphite and Charcoal drawings showed significant improvement, and I noticed improved command of both medium.

Paper and Pastel

An example from my intro to drawing class, this apple is one of the best examples of my control of pastels, shading, and color.

Paper and Charcoal


Typeface and Lettering

My experience on paper continues with my fascination with typeface, hand-lettering, graphic design, and calligraphy.
Jumping in, i taught myself gothic fonts with calligraphy pens, hand lettering from pictures online, and looked at many existing fonts for typeface design.

Hand Lettering


Hand lettering examples, from scratch, using just a ruler

A Rush Shirt design, I drew freehand

Below are some examples of my experience with Calligraphy, both the gothic font I adjusted from other existing fonts, and my attempt at the script from The Ring from Lord of the Rings

Paint and Paper

Working with Spray Paints, Sharpies, and mat Board, I created the posted of Marvel’s Ultron below. The eyes glow under blacklight due to UV sensitive ink.  Next to it, is a set of paper mache heads I created, one with images of a bright blue sky with clouds, the other with a galactic design across.

Additional experience with paint includes the mural of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon that i did in my old room.

My experience with art does not stay 2-Dimensional, as can be seen by the pair of heads above.

A majority of my art experience is with Wood, since i have extensive experience with woodshop.


A study into pigment and color, I examined samples of different woods for natural color and grain, and began to plan a project in which instead of paint, i use the natural color of the wood. A sort of combination mural and 8-bit art

This project began  my interest into painting with medium which i can’t just add whichever color i’d like, either the components are already colored, or i can only manipulate them in a certain way.

Beyond media where I can create an image, I am also interested and have experience with photography, trying to showcase the beaut of wherever I may travel. Below are a few of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken.


These photos, taken on my IQP,  are examples of my photography.

On a less brightly illuminated subject, I also enjoy long exposure photos at night of transient things (like fire, water, anything moving) like below

The final media in which i would say I am versed in working in fire.

Fire Sculptures

While this may not be a traditional media, pyrokinetic sculptures are one of my favorite kinds of artwork, since the structures themselves are beautiful, and when engulfed in flames they have a completely different effect. Below are some of my favorite fires, all of my own design. Even after designing the perfect structure, the irregularities that come with using a natural material, in an inconsistent gas,  and erratic fire are guaranteed to result in a unique burn. I  set up what i hope to be the easiest path for the fire to burn, but in the end I can only set the initial conditions, and then watch the fire take its course, and I think theres something beautiful in that.

This final fire project was for an english class as an exploration into the modernism movement. By first creating something from wood, which some would call a work of art in it of itself, and then destroying it, something more beautiful that i could make by myself is created.


In addition to exploring specific media in depth, and pushing the boundaries of what can be done with that medium, I also enjoy pursuing random projects, which span different techniques, visual styles, and application.

Below is a cardboard box I assembled to wrap a christmas gift for a gift swap. The gift was not a bicycle, but I wanted the wrapping to both be misleading, and fun to unwrap.

In addition to visual arts I also sing, do vocal percussion, can play the saxophone (alto and tenor), and am working on designing and learning the guitar/ukulele.

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