Concept Proposal: Brent Reissman

Over the course of the last few months I’ve been refining my idea for my Light Art Project. My proposed project is what I am calling the PhotoChromascope; An optical device to view the color within light. A series of Clear, Uncolored, Transparent panels, when lined up, will produce a beautiful, colored image

– and given enough control, i hope to recreate the likeness of a famous painting.

A diagram of the assembly and how it will function is below

The thought process behind this is that the light around us is already full of every color we could ever need. In every reflected white surface is all the colors of the mona lisa, the sistine chapel, and every other painting every made or that will be made. The color is just too tangled up with other colors, which is why we see white. Using a few physics principles, I’m hoping to “bend out” the color from the light, so people can see what’s there but hidden.

The first is polarization, which is explained in the video below. Additionally, a strange phenomena called Bell’s theorem occurs, which I am hoping to take advantage of to produce odd effects such as illuminating areas without additional light.

By polarizing light, and bending it before repolarizing, only certain colors can pass through. This principle is shown in the below video, and is the major basis for this project

An example of this done well is below

Hopefully, I should be able to isolate how the viewed color is affection by changes in Input angle, bent angle, depolarized angle, yaw/pitch refraction (inclination) (like dichroic glass), and different input. From there, I can take my “palette” and “paint” a picture.

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