Final Glass Lantern Project

After finishing the lid design, I started hot gluing the marbles to the outside of the jar. The picture below shows the glass half done with blue marbles.

IMG_0940   IMG_0941

When the whole jar was covered with marbles.

IMG_0944   IMG_0945

After all the marbles where glued on. I inserted the battery operated LED light inside the jar. All the pictures below shows how the jar looks with the lighting.

IMG_0949    IMG_0948

IMG_0947     IMG_0950


The pictures below shows how it reflects against a wall, ceiling and throughout the room.

IMG_0953       IMG_0954

IMG_0955    IMG_0951

Day 1 – 4 of Project Work

1: First day working on my project, I ran into problems. First I had to freeze my glass jar in order to make the design on the lid. So I put the glass in the freezer on Monday (4/18). I totally forgot about the jar and on Wednesday I remember it was on the freezer, but it was too late, it was all broken. The picture shown below is when I took it out the freezer.


2: I brought another glass jar and did the first step again, but this time without forgetting that I had it in the freezer. I chose to do a flower design on the lid. Once I had the design, I used engineering paper to copy the design to tape to the lid, so I can start hammering the wholes using a nail. Shown below is the online design and the copied design. Some parts of the lid was harder then others because of the ice, so the only problem I had when hammering is that two nails bent. I was left to use the short nail and kept on hammering my fingers.

Tin Can Pic 1   IMG_0916

3: Here is the final result of the lid when I was finished. Some of the wholes are off, because the paper was really wet and ripping.




Final Project Idea

For my project, I have decided to combined my two favorite ideas together, which are the glass jar and tin can lanterns.  So I’m going to have two glass jars with marbles glued on the outside of the jar.  One jar will have only one type of marble color and the other jar will be multicolored marbles.  For the glass jar top, I’m going to pick a pattern and use different sized nails and a hammer to make the design on the top.   I have not decided on the design for the top yet but it is going to be a good one.  As for the lighting I’m going to be using LED battery operated lights.

Mason Jar LightCan lighting

Shopping List:

  • 2 glass jars
  • LED battery operated lights
  • Flat Marbles
  • Hot glue gun
  • Different sized nails
  • Hammer
  • Pattern design

Artist Presentation

My artist presentation was done on Chul Hyun Ahn. He was born on January 15, 1971. He’s from Busan, South Korea and graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art. He’s known for installation art, sculpture, and light art. Ahn says he sits apart from other light artists because his objective primarily pertains to the creation of space, or rather illusion of space. Ahn’s main element of showing his art work is the one-way mirror. He calls the mirrors, “the barbershop-mirror effect.” He only uses fluorescent lights. He has a few different art series like the forked, vertical, mirror, and etc. Some of his art work is shown below.






Project Ideas

My first project idea is to create a Tin Can Lantern. I would take an old recycled tin can and spray paint the can and use a drill/nail to cut out different shapes and patterns. I plan to use some type of lighting system that would make the wholes reflect a shade/shadow, but I am not sure with I am going to use for lighting right now. But the project would come out looking like something, shown in the picture below.

Can lighting

My second project idea is to create a Mason Jar Solar Lantern. I would buy a glass jar and super glue marbles to the outside of the jar. The marbles would light once the solar cap gets enough sunlight. If I can not do the solar cap I will find another way to light the marbles. When the marbles light up it will make a light reflection, shown in the picture below.

Mason Jar Light

My third project idea is shown below. I don’t really know what it is, but I found it online and it looked really cool. Looks like its made with string and has some type of light shining on it. But if I were to do this project I can either make it with string or I can use LED lights to make different patterns.

Line Lighting

Geneva Cabral Bio

I’m a senior majoring in Civil Engineering. I grew up in Dorchester surrounded by a big family.  I play all sport but my two favorites are basketball and ice hockey.  On my free time I like to either play sports or draw.  When I was five, I won a drawing contest and receive a scholarship to a modeling program.

I have a few different experiences with art  from pencil drawing to computer software art.  In high school I did some art drawings using water color, chalk, pencil, and paint.  When I came to WPI that is when my art experience opened up more.  I learned about Photoshop, Maya, and Zbrush, which is used for 3D Modeling.  I really liked the Zbrush software the most

I do not have a lot of experience with programming or electronics.  In high school I did a program at MIT where I learned about a little about programming, but it did not really interest me which reasoned in me not learning that much from the course.  I also did a course on electrical engineering, where I did a light project using sound waves from a speaker to light up the word on the brass board.  The louder the sound the bright the words would light up.  Sadly I have not used that skill in a long time.

I’m not that interested in writing, theater, or dance, but I have practiced dance and theater work when I was young.  I have some experience in those two fields.  In the future I would like to practice music.  I have all always wanted to know how to play an instrument.  I do not know much about craft art but it sounds interesting.

I love designing things and thinking of new projects I can create, design, or build.  I love sneakers and have about 50 pairs of sneakers.  One day I would like to design a pair of popular sneakers for the world.

The most recent art project I am most proud of would have to be from my 3D modeling class.  I learned how to use Zbrush and made a detailed sculpture of myself.  I have attached some pictures from my work below.

Face Close Up (No Color)

Face Close Up (Color)

Body (No Color)

Body (Color)