Polish and Present – Yllara Maia

This week, I focused on the aesthetics of both parts of my project. For the shadow lamp, I stained the wood with a darker wood- stain and chose a lamp base which I thought would go well with the shade. I attached the bottom of the lamp shade to the base, and now I just have to wait for the stain to completely dry. I was able to find a proper light bulb and bulb-base adapter to fit into a standard bulb-socket. I really enjoy the look of the completed project and the shadow effect that it has. Below are some images that were taken throughout the polishing process and the final product.

For the second part of my project, I covered the inside of the wall decoration with a thick coat of black paint to prevent the light to travel through the thin wood canvas. Then I super glued the battery pack to the back of the board, so it would not move. Then I utilized a recycled wooden board that I had previously used to cut pieces for the lamp shade. To the wooden board, I glued a sheet of white poster paper because I wanted the background behind the cutout shapes to be white. Once the back was attached to the canvas, I then screwed on small hooks to the back of the entire piece to be able to hang the wall decoration to my dining room. Attached below are some images of the process and the final product.

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