Introduction & Art Portfolio-Yllara Maia

Hello everyone!

My name is Yllara Maia and I am a sophomore, here at WPI, majoring in Architectural Engineering. I have shared an interest in design ever since my middle school days, and eventually decided to pursue Architecture. I began my design journey early, and experimented with Architecture and AutoCAD courses in high school. However, my experience with art has varied in mediums throughout my life. Although I do not consider myself an artist, per say, I have taken several drawing, painting, and ceramics classes in my past. In college, I decided to focus mostly on software design and have been working with programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, and Photoshop. My creative inspirations often come from buildings and interior design. I think of architecture and interior design as an interactive form of art, or in other words, art that people live in. Without creativity, a house is simply just a living space, not an experience. Outside of class, I am pretty involved with music as another form of creative art. I often sing with my church’s youth worship team and enjoy doing it as hobby as well.  In terms of how art fits into my goals, I hope to incorporate all of my art-related skills into a future occupation, hopefully as an architectural designer. Below are some examples of things I have done in the past.

Spider Man Poster done on Photoshop
Revit renderings of a building we designed for the Boy Scouts of America
Architectural program done on Photoshop
This is back from when I used to draw often
Experimenting with photography

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