Once I ordered my LEDs, I sorted through them to choose the best four colors, or the colors that were the brightest. Those colors ended up being dark green, white, pink, and dark blue.

Then, I went to AK to solder the LEDs to wires and then taped the LEDs and wire to the batteries, and then taped everything to a broken fencing blade I had lying around.

After the soldering process, I tested each of the four colors chosen to make sure they would be seen in long exposure photos. I think more tape will be needed to make sure the battery actually stays on the blade, but otherwise the long exposure shots looked pretty good!

Next step would be to try actually try fencing with the LEDs on non-broken blades

Shopping List:

Multiple colored LEDs


Camera (which I already own)

Magnet Wire

Scotch Tape

Fencing Blades and Equipment

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