Laddie John Dill – Light Artist

Laddie John Dill is a Los Angeles artist who works with light and space. He most well-known styles of art are “Light Sentences” and “Light Plains”.  These art styles use materials previously not considered traditional art media, such as neon, sticks, wax, cement, and the relationship of those materials to each other. Laddie John Dill loves to experiment, and each one of his pieces of art is an experimentation in itself. He says himself that he “was influenced by Rauschenberg, Keith Sonnier, Robert Smithson, Dennis Oppenheim and Robert Irwin, who were working with earth materials, light and space as an alternative to easel painting.” He took this influence and first started creating with neon and argon tubing saying that he “soon became interested in throwing the light against irregular surfaces such as brick walls, etc.” He soon moved on to working with three-dimensional art pieces.

            An interesting fact about Laddie John Dill is he’s known to say that he never throws anything away, but instead recycles images. These images become part of a bigger whole, and can capture different styles and feels of art in one creation.


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