Polish and Present – Mikayla Fischler

In order to finish up my project, I tested and had to re-wire a few internal components. Once I fixed the mode button debouncer circuit, I was able to make the cloud switch lighting modes properly. I also re-glued some cotton balls that I had accidentally knocked loose. To make using and transporting the cloud easier, I added rubber feet to the bottom.

Additionally, and most importantly, I completed multiple different animations which I believe should leave it fit for presentation. This took hours of testing, debugging, but in the end it paid off, and I am excited to present this. My code can be found here: https://github.com/MikaylaFischler/light-art-sound-cloud with ample documentation of different functions. I will be continuing this project past this class in order to create more advanced functionality that I would not have time for in a 7 week term.

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