“Everything Working” – Mikayla Fischler

Well, everything electrically/physically is working. After more failures and re-calibrations (such as a chip being burned, transistor circuit not working, etc), the system works. Audio is played out well, with acceptable acoustics due to the clouds internal structure. Volume control, power distribution, audio analysis, and basic LED control works. More development is needed before the LEDs will get to the state that I want them too, which will be completed in this next week.

Levels 0 and 1 lit to a soft white
Back control and I/O panel

1024 bit Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) are used here to analyze the audio data. Due to my total lack of knowledge on the specifics of audio line voltages and headphone line voltages (which are not standardized), certain devices need extra sensitivity to get data that is usable. Luckily, my phone can provide plenty of power. Examples of some collected FFT data is shown below.

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