Kyle France: Polish

In this final section, I cut the acrylic pieces and rebuilt the project around them instead of the cardboard to create the final piece. Each piece was cut around the edges, and scored for the inside details. The depth of the score versus a raster etching catches more light from the LED’s. I eliminated the need for my computer and reduced ground noise by powering the arduino with a usb port on the mobile speaker I will be presenting with. Overall, I am very happy with the project. The lights react well to most songs I play, and the final construction is much cleaner than the mock-ups. The acrylic catches light just how I had envisioned, and the overall effect is very close to the light show I imagined. Given more time, I would have liked to manage the wiring a little more cleanly and maybe paint the arduino box black. I would also rather have included a 3-dimensional model for the centerpiece, although the laser-etched line art of the car works well. Below are final images of the project. I would have liked to add a short video, but I have not yet been able to get a decent recording put together. In the final documentation, I hope I will be able to embed a short movie with the music synchronized.

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