Kyle France: Concept Proposal

Initially, I was very interested in working with a projector and a faux stained-glass window in a similar way to one of Bruce Munro’s installments, Dawn Treader. When I saw it in person, I was captivated by the animation-like effect achieved by changing the background projection over the still image formed by the panes. It brought the scene to life, even more true to the imagination of traditional stained glass depictions. This project would challenge me to create a convincing projection sequence and to properly map that sequence onto the window image itself.

My next project idea has sparked my interest more keenly. I have an idea of creating a sort of diorama in the style of 80’s retro/synthwave. Often inspired by the SEGA game OutRun, images with a beautiful, nostalgic aesthetic make strong use of light and simplistic shapes to form neon landscapes and city scenes. I think a physical display inspired by these images would not only easily be able to include functioning light sources for its signature neon flair, but would also respond well to music.

I have some EL wire which could fit very well, but which also brings interesting problems with control. I would also like to make use of LEDs and edge lighting of acrylic panels. I have used acrylic in the past to similar effect, making volume and space building with one source much easier. I’m not sure what particular scene elements I will want to include, but the final creation would have separately controlled sections of light effects reacting to music, illuminating a small scene to bring these graphics to life. Below is a rough sketch of how it might be laid out, with a placeholder centerpiece for now.

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