Marshmallow Laser Feast – Light Artists

Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) is a small experimental studio based in London. They specialize in unique visual experiences, frequently created through the use of virtual reality. The studio consists of individuals from a wide array of backgrounds such as computational studio arts, photography, film, TV, and interactive media. On top of that, MLF also works with a number of freelancers around the world in order to make both their passion and commercial projects.

MLF collaborated with London-based electronic band, Duologue, to create this music video where they explore the human form and emotion through the use of virtual reality.
‘Treehugger’ is an art instillation that incorporates both physical and virtual elements. The user puts on a VR headset and hand-held devices and interacts with a black, tree-shaped structure. In VR however, the user sees the artistically depicted tree in place of the structure and can explore different sections through physical movements. The scent of the forest is sprayed at the user to make the experience even more immersive.
‘A Colossal Wave!’ is an multi-part interactive experience. Users can enter a sound-reactive gallery where they can create funny-looking organisms through audible sounds. Another user climbs a dropper tower and drops a bowling ball on a gong to make a crashing sound. That crashing sound mimics the sound of a wave and, as the ball hits the gong, users in four VR umbrellas experience a wave wash the newly created organisms into their VR world, simulating the impact humanity’s waste has on the environment.
‘In the Eyes of the Animal’ is a project where users can experience the artistically portrayed perspectives of a mosquito, dragonfly, frog, and owl. Users hike through the woods, which does not only immerse them in the woodland environment, but also reminds them of their own perspective. They then don woody VR headsets and bodysuits where they experience the various perspectives visually as well as physically.

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