Introduction & Art Portfolio

Hey everyone, I’m Chris! I’m currently a Junior computer science major from Upstate New York and really enjoy art. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I loved taking art classes. I extended that love into music as well and played the violin for eight years. Coming into college, I really appreciated how WPI ensures that its students not only focus on their major, but also supplements that education with a thorough appreciation of the humanities.

Landscape Photo I took in Maine
“Bold and Brash” in Watercolor
Final 3D Modeling Project of Geralt from the Witcher Series

Taking art classes has not only served as a creative outlet, but also as a way to release stress and have fun. While I have taken Essentials of Art, Digital Art, and 3D Modeling, I would say that I enjoyed modeling the most. While I have never artistically modeled before taking the course, I do have some experience with CAD and frequently modeled and 3D printed engineering materials throughout my high school career.  While the switch to VBrush was a very different experience, I found that I enjoyed it as much if not more than the engineering work.

Although from an outsider’s perspective, computer science seems to have little to do with art, I have encountered a plethora of scenarios where I’ve had to marry the two. In freshmen year, I worked on learning a little bit of Arduino programming and, through leveraging some open-source code, I created a very janky but functional dynamic back-light for my monitor. It changes what colors the LED’s produce depending on the exterior colors of the screen to provide a more immersive experience.

Dynamic Monitor Back-Light
My Software Engineering Application Landing Page
Section of my Personal Website

My background of web development, human-computer interactions, and digital art also led me to be the main front-end designer for a bunch of projects. I’ve done a wide array of work ranging from creating a scalable and professional UI for the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Portal used by New York State Information Technology Services, to creating a customer-intuitive interface for my Software Engineering application.

Beginning Mockups for the ECM Portal
Final Design for the ECM Portal

While I tend to forget about art when I think about my future in software engineering, it is definitely a beneficial skill to have on hand. From designing UI to organizing code to more general skills such as designing PowerPoint presentations or advertisements, a background in art is a strong skill to bring to the table.

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