Alyssa Konsko: Maquette

After Monday’s class, I decided to focus on putting lights on my friends, sending them down mountains and seeing what happens. And on Thursday night, that’s exactly what my friend Erika and I did. I didn’t know if I would get better content from long exposure still images or from videos, so I brought the equipment for both to the mountain.

Here’s a summary of all the stuff I managed to get into one backpack and ski around with:
▫ Tripod (borrowed from the ATC) ▫ Digital Camera ▫ 2 GoPros ▫ GoPro Gimbal ▫ GoPro Chest Mount ▫ 4 Battery Operated LED strips ▫ TAPE

I attached the LED strips to my friend’s skis using good ole duct tape and hoped they stayed on. Amazingly, they did. My videos were too large to upload, so click the link below.

After that, we skied around looking like tools with TWO cameras going (one on Erika’s chest mount, I was holding the other). A lot of people were very intrigued by this spectacle, and stopped us on the mountain. A middle schooler even asked Erika to be his girlfriend before getting embarrassed and quickly skiing away. Below were the two decent images I managed to capture before the mountain closed. The link below that is a quick edit made from the some of the video footage.

Moving forward, I have another shoot planned for this Wednesday (weather permitting), where my friend will be rock climbing. I’m going to pick up some glow in the dark paint or glow sticks before then, and see if I can can put it on the rocks or on my friend. I also learned that Wachussett is closing for the season after this Sunday, so for future ski-themed shoots, it will be easier to go after hours to have more time to get good shots in.

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