Alyssa Konsko – Failure, Recalibration & Iteration

This past week, I had a couple smaller failures related to my execution of the project, rather than a material or concept failure. I had two photo shoots scheduled for last week. The first was rock climbing at Lincoln Woods State Park in Rhode Island.

Lincoln Woods was a cool spot, and we were really excited to get some pictures there. But before my friend even started climbing, some park police with a megaphone yelled at us to leave the park. We didn’t want to get locked in the park, so we had to leave before we could get any pictures.

Only picture from Rhode Island climbing shoot, after getting kicked out.

After that debacle, we decided to go to Bancroft tower and see if we could get some footage there. That worked, more or less, until the camera started freaking out. I don’t know if it was because it was cold outside, or if the camera was having trouble focusing in the dark, but we only managed to get a few images. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out, we are going to try to go back around dusk and see how that looks.

The only downside about Bancroft was that there were a couple groups of people there… hanging out…. which was interesting. Some WPI students ended up coming over to us and asked what we were doing. One even took a picture of us and put it in the CBF slack, so now we’re famous I guess.

I had also planned on going to Wachusett at the end of last week and getting some pictures. Unfortunately, I got really sick on Thursday and was sick all weekend, so this didn’t happen. I’m going to try again this week with some friends, weather permitting, and pray that there is some slush left after this rain.

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