Final Documentation: Infinity Mirror (Saul Woolf)

I am so grateful for the opportunity to build an Infinity Mirror for class. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and this class provided a perfect environment to pursue its creation.

From the beginning of the project, I knew my resources were going to be the limiting factor on this project, as two-way mirrors (which are necessary in an infinity mirror’s creation) are not inexpensive. As such, I made it a goal to use as many recycled resources as I could for this project. My first prototype, and proof of concept, was made entirely out of cardboard and a wall-mountable closet light– the only resource I had to buy were the mirrors. I’m so glad I bought a spare, since while I was creating the first prototype I accidentally scraped a bit of film off of the mirror.

If I had to use this mirror, light would bleed through the scuffs and the infinity effect would be diminished.  Had I not ordered the spare with the original mirror, even just the shipping on the replacement would have been too expensive.

I was very careful with my second mirror in the next prototype. In this second prototype I did not secure the mirror with any adhesive, instead relying on a comprehensive force from the container.  The mirror was place between two sheets of glass and spaced away from the edge of the box with 3m tape. (I did not actually use the stickiness of the tape, but rather used it because it was the same width as the glass)

In my final piece, I replace the back ‘mirror’ film with a real mirror, and added foliage around the edge to cover the LEDs and disperse light. I do wish it had been brighter, but I’m happy with how the project ended up after 5 weeks of work. I will continue to work on this project, and hopefully implement the servo-controlled back mirror.

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