Concept Proposal: Karin Plante

Because I really enjoy glassblowing, I want my project to incorporate glass somehow.

My first idea is to make “slice” sculptures, similar to how people make portraits by carving into books; the sculpture is a composite of individual pages cut to a particular shape that, only when brought together, do they form a coherent image (see Lincoln book sculpture below).

I would like to do this with glass by making a bunch of panes of glass and sandblasting individual “slices” of the desired 3D object on each one. Once put together, a fully rotatable 3D shape would result sort of “floating” in a clear block of glass. To bring the light art aspect into this, I would use the fact that lights would catch on the sandblasted glass, but pass through the clear glass with little acknowledgement to the eye. Alternatively, I was also thinking about instead using dichroic glass as the part of the pane that would become the object, or simply making the object as before, but surrounding the sculpture in a dichroic glass, so that catches on the 3D object would be more lively based on the viewing angle. This sculpture is “static” by definition, however, the interplay with the viewer’s eye as the viewer moves around it would alter the effect. As a third option, I could quite possibly use the dichroic sparingly to highlight a particular focal point of the sculpture.

The second idea I had also utilizes dichroic. That is, it is to create a 3D object out of glass to display in an “infinity mirror”-type box. This would involve making the 3D object, sandblasting some parts of it for the desired effect and constructing an interesting geometric shape around it, with a mirror bottom. Once LEDs are inserted, light would be bouncing around the entire sculpture and it would be very dynamic.


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