Project Concept: Jon Venne with 2 Ideas

From looking through light artists, I was most interested in pieces that utilise natural or existent forms and enhancing them with light. So for my 2 ideas, I wanted to do light enhancements in real time with user interactivity to experience unique visuals.

Ideas 1: Water Agitation Visualizer

Essentially starting with a fish tank-esc container full of slightly translucent liquid possibly with LED’s along the bottom or with overhead lights on top to add color to the water surface. The main idea would be to (in real time) track the level of surface agitation in the liquid to determine a pseudo-contour map coloring scheme. There is a popular project like this already for playing with sand I may use for reference.

Idea #2: Smoke Form Visualizer

My second idea came from a night playing with a laser pointer and a fire pit. I’d be making a container with a smoke machine inside and with controllable speed fans mounted around the inside to help agitate the smoke form. Then the idea would be to illuminate the form in some way whether that’s via LED’s, or a wide laser, or many lasers, or a single swivling laser pointer. Again, here the user would be able to control the fan speeds and amount of smoke being produced and the state of illumination (which would vary depending on how it is illuminated).

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