Polish & Present : Franck Coly

This week, my biggest task was to transition from the mock up to the actual jacket I was going to use. Because I was not able to find a jacket that was as well fitting as my Adidas jacket that I used to produce my vision for this project, I decided to sacrifice my jacket and use it as a bed fo rmy project. After careful planning, I started to connect and anchor the LEDs to my jacket using hot glue which seemed to get the job done when treated with care.

MY LED system was made up of 4 Neopixel strips. 2 on the left arm and 2 on the right. On each arm, one strip was placed between the shoulder and elbow, and the other between the elbow and hand. Due to connectivity issues, I had to scrap one of LED strip between the elbow and arm. Consequently, I had to remove the matchin strip on the other arm and leaving simply the top two strips.

Once the strips were on the arms, I mocked up the wires which would run across the shoulder and down to the controller. After experimenting with looks and a combination of what would be easier down the road for when upgrading arrives, I decided to utilize the Neopixle protective rubber casing and lay the strip on top of the sleeve instead of hidden underneath it. I did this by attaching the rubber sleeving on the jacket sleeve and then slipping the LEDs back into it.

I ran into a few issues once the project was attached to its final resting place. Upon pre-final testing, I came across another connection issue where one of my connections seemed to be misbehaving along my circuit and preventing from the entire thing to light up.

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