Failure and Recalibration: Franck Coly

In the past week I came across a few problems that truly kept me from advancing and making progress. the first being getting a hold of my materials. As someone who hasn’t tried anything this technical, I found that that my own knowledge became my greatest enemy. As I went, I’ve had to decipher and find certain parts form various location. Some were found online and others had to be scavenged around campus in order to make my project come together. My second issue was building my circuit when it came to Arduino plus the NeoPixel strips. With my limited experience, I had a bit of a run around getting my equipment set up on my breadboard. With what seemed like endless trouble shooting, I finally came upon some luck and randomly was able to solve my issue through trial and error. This got my LEDs to turn on and start functioning normally. I was able to run it through multiple lighting modes to check that all were functioning. Following this, I attempt to make it pretty and transform it into its final version in order to start fitting it into my clothing.

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