Concept Proposal

There are two project concepts i have in mind now: the first being tabletop flammable vortex fountain, and the second being multi-color convection fire tornado.

Concept one:

The idea originated from this youtube channel called “the king of random”, I really enjoy watching the fountains made in those videos and would like to get hands on it myself. I’m mainly going for the idea of mixing fire with water, and see how the two repelling elements can work together to create visually impressive interactions. The basic setup would be similar to the first video, including a cup hosting the vortex, disk to catch spilt water, and the base reservoir where the water pump is mounted. A few ideas for modification would be including pumping flammable gas into the vortex, and light it up as the gas exits the water surface (as shown in the second video). Other additional visual effects can include colored liquid, and maybe trying out a mixture of non-homogenous liquids to add more layers to the fountain.

Concept two:

The basic idea of the second project is to create convection air current through slightly offset on cylinder tubes, thus enhancing the center flame source into a fire tornado. For introducing color source, i need to use a colorless methane based fuel rather than the common propane based rubbing alcohol which has a bright yellow flame. Once the fuel is lit,  all i need to do is to add metallic salt containing colored metal elements, and the flame will change color accordingly. To build up on the above youtube video, i’m thinking to build a fuel tank that can hold four sections of coloring agent, and produce a four color fire tornado. Additionally, as suggested in class, i’m keen to the idea of adding linear actuation on the cylinder walls. So as the motor open and closes the walls, the flame would cycle from small flame to fire tornado. Lastly,  instead of having a clear wall, i’m thinking that i can incorporate flexible mirror material on the wall, so that the tornado will be reflected into infinite mirror. 



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